Crazy is a new single from TonAsh and Judah the Lion, two artists from the Bahamas. The song has a fresh analog style intro complete with vintage guitar, crackle and tape hiss before the track kicks into full effect. One can detect some subtle Caribbean vibes in the backing beat, accented also by a unique whistling sound. Musically the song has a very summer afternoon groovin feel. The vocal delivery is very light and peppy yet genuine, making could usage of vocal layering for the backups. The front vocals come across as lively, energetic and surprisingly sensitive. The repetition makes the song very catchy, with the phrase “I feel like I’m going crazy” getting stuck in your head within the first listen, and I can certainly relate to the sentiments. Crazy also has an excellent little outro (again featuring the whistle.) This jam should have a nice, balanced international appeal.

For more info:

TonAsh: IG: @KingTA242 FB: @TonAsh Twitter: @KingTonAsh
Judah Tha Lion IG: @JudahThaLion

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TonAsh – “Beast” / “Crazy” Feat. Judah Tha Lion – Singles Review

A “Beast” on one cut and a Lion on the other…sounds “Crazy” right?  Let’s do this thing.

He’s a man that nearly needs no introduction on our pages at this point, artist TonAsh has been making moves on our pages all year long in 2019 – though technically, this is the first time we’ve had him here in review!  We’ve featured videos & audio-posts of all kinds as he’s dropped new singles online…you can find posts with “Wanna Be Rich,” “How It Go,” and his “I Yi Remix” featuring Bodine Victoria & Chase Fernander all up on these pages – and I highly recommend that ya do if you haven’t checked it all out already – TonAsh has been crushing this year with wild new material and it’s all worth your time, 100%.

“Beast” flexes club-worthy sound right from the drop.  A cut produced by Jacob Lethal Beats, the stage is set for the man to do his thang and lay it down on the m-i-c, which TonAsh nails with confidence, rolling through the bars with serious presence and taking on the hooks, no problemo.  Showing that versatile style & sound that proves he can audibly do it all, TonAsh gets downright dirty on “Beast,” detailing wild nights between the sheets and tellin’ us about the various freaks he’s running into while out there on the prowl for poontang.  I mean…if I’m reading between the lines right here…then a “Beast” is a damn good thing isn’t it?  A “Beast” being someone that can work the pole perfectly…and not the one in the club if you catch my drift…maybe both, but you get where I’m goin’ with all this – “Beast” is bout fuckin’ for a large majority of the theme here.  It’s all about being the best at what you do…you feel me?  If you’re a master of the m-i-c, you’re a “Beast” – or if fuckin’ is your thang, then be a “Beast” at that!  Excel at your goals and dreams, whatever they may be, and don’t let anyone stop ya for reachin’em.

For real though, lots goin’ right for TonAsh on “Beast” – the rubbery & bouncy bass-lines give him the opportunity to spring-off the beat and really make an impact with the words he’s spittin.’  And of course TonAsh is bringin’ it when it comes to the vocals…no concerns there – I couldn’t tell ya what I liked more between the verses & choruses of this cut, which always tells ya that a track has genuine balance to it.  I mean on one hand, you’ve got the completely impressive flow, on-beat precision, and complex strings of words comin’ at ya full-speed in the verses that flex verbal finesse at ya – and on the other hand, he’s got a memorable hook for the chorus, punctuated in full with the chant of “Beast” comin’ at the end of it.  Dunno what else to tell ya folks – TonAsh hasn’t let us down once this year and it sure don’t seem like he’s about to start now.  There are all kinds of lines on “Beast” that’ll make you raise an eyebrow or two when you hear the explicit content he’s hittin’ ya with, but just as many instances where he’ll put together a full string of thoughts that show he’s putting genuine thought into how to make his words connect and these lines land in a way that the people will actually hear’em.  Listen to him duck & weave like a prizefighter with his words & the moves he makes alongside the music…he’s a master of the game.

If I’m being honest though…it’s in that moment in the space between the end of a song like “Beast” and the immediate appeal of “Crazy” as it starts up, that pretty much shines a spotlight on the difference between what’s a really good song and what’s truly a single-worthy tune.  Like…if this cut doesn’t reach your playlists & stereos this summer, you’re only hurting yourselves y’all…and I don’t advise sleepin’ on “Crazy” whatsoever, it’s just not a good move…and your ears deserve something this stylistic & smooth.  Best way I can put it perhaps, is that I’ve enjoyed TonAsh’s music from the beginning of this year since I first climbed onto his bandwagon back in February…and there’s no question that “Crazy” is probably the most accessible cut I’ve heard come out of his catalog so far.  It’s more than a relevant sound – it’s next-level & beyond that…tracks like “Crazy” are what the people out there are really looking for, even if they don’t know it yet.  It takes all of like, less than twenty-seconds to be hooked on this single, straight-up…if the vocals don’t immediately grab ya (and they will), then it’ll be the beat/bass combo shortly afterwards, or the incredibly chilled-out & laidback tones from the guitar – either way, you won’t get to a full thirty-seconds on “Crazy” without it already securing your full approval.  It’s the kind of cut that glides along so damn smoothly right from the drop, that you relax as a listener…it’s the kind of professional control where you can instantly be comfortable in knowing that everything you’re about to hear completely fits the vibe & suits the song – and it absolutely does on “Crazy.”  Huge props to the vocals on this cut…from the lead to the background, the style on the mic is as stunning as it gets, which at many points along the way through the breakdowns or moments where the music gets smaller, is totally key…those vocals needed to rise to the occasion here, and that’s exactly what you’ll find happenin’ all throughout this single-worthy cut.  Props to Judah Tha Lion, props to Pacific Music on the production, props to Chase Fernander on the backing vocals…and of course to the main star of the show, TonAsh, for ultimately bringing this ensemble of talent together.  They should all be raising a glass and toastin’ up to what they’ve all pulled off on “Crazy” – it’s perfection of the modern-day vibe, it’s smooth & stylistic AF – it’s one of his greatest & easily one of the best singles of the year in the hybrid genre of Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B he’s been making a name for himself in, straight-up.  Massively impressed with this cut – “Crazy” might appear to be as chill as it gets, but make no mistake, this single is hotter than your summer is ready for.

Find out more about TonAsh at Instagram here:

Find out more about Judah Tha Lion at Instagram here:

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May 27, 2019 - 

TonAsh is back with yet another dance-hall-hip-hop smash, fusing high energy, multi-layered beats, with a heavy bass-line and a quickly confident, easy-going subject matter and performance.

Birthday is an easy anthem for contemporary hip hop fans. TonAsh drives with a simple lust for life – catchy hooks, laid-back concepts, professionalism and style. This release is far from the exception and offers yet another track that further cements TonAsh’s sound and approach as an artist.

Birthday is a song that connects a little more strongly with each few moments that pass by, and indeed with each new revisit. While that initial quirk of the concept and the hook, combined with the colourful and fun accompanying video, are the first things to grab you, the song actually goes on to lead with a notably energizing beat – a heavy vibe, great rhythm, and something more of an alternative, late-night aura than anything purely designed for the pop world. That carefree swagger drives things along in an appealing way, reminding you there’s a musical connection at the heart of TonAsh’s work and his reasons for making summertime bangers such as this. Well worth a few spins as the hotter season swings into view.

Find & follow TonAsh on Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website.


In A Jam is a new single by TonAsh, a hip hop artist from The Bahamas. The song actually is available in two different versions, a “clean” version and another which features uncensored lyrics. It’s actually kind of a romantic track. The title, In A Jam refers to the feeling of being all wrapped up emotionally in one’s love for a girl. Intense feelings for someone can cause a person to lose control and put their life responsibilities on hold. In the song, our protagonist vows he will “get his shit together” but that it will have to wait until tomorrow.

In A Jam features a colorful, EDM style beat. TonAsh’s delivery is laid back and sincere. His dynamic pitch fluctuations mirror the backing music and are a good fit for the emotional roller coaster associated with the song’s content. The whole thing has a very bright and upbeat feel, and TonAsh’s confidence and willingness to show a vulnerable side is refreshing. Both musically and metaphorically, In a Jam is the good kind of jam.

For more info:



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TonAsh – “Wanna Be Rich” – Audio Post Release/Review

This cut came along at a perfect time…I’ve been having this debate in my head back & forth for the past couple days now when it comes to finances & what people want versus what they need – how much is enough exactly?  For me, it’s all about being happy…whatever that amount is for you, go get it.

For artist TonAsh, he “Wanna Be Rich” – but if you listen closely to the words, you’ll find there’s a much more altruistic reason that he’s looking to stack up so much paper.  “Wanna Be Rich” is about family…it’s about having enough to protect what’s important & provide for those you love in this lifetime…it’s about using that capital to make moves that matter.  Can’t blame the guy for wanting things like this – I’m sure many of you out there listening can definitely relate to the sentiment here…check this new single from TonAsh out for yourself below.



Here’s what I can tell ya…if TonAsh keeps his focus as sharp as I’ve seen/heard it been in 2019 so far, then he’s probably well on his way to makin’ bank with his music-career…the groundwork is being laid constantly, dude’s always posting up something new on his social-media & pages out there…no doubt that he’s on the way up & ready to make so noise this year.  With a relevant sound for the right here & now, tracks like “Wanna Be Rich” not only give ya something solid to jam through your stereo systems, it’s also the kind of cut that’ll allow you additional insight into the man behind the music through the personal lyrics he’s written inside of the melodically-tense & weighted-emotions in the sound flowing around him.  It might be more on the serious-side of his catalog, but it’s more than impressive to hear TonAsh put his thoughts down this real, raw, and honest for ya to absorb; it becomes more than clear that this is a man with his head fully in the game and his heart completely in the right place.

Performance-wise…c’mon now people, it’s TonAsh – of course he’s got “Wanna Be Rich” nailed tightly!  He didn’t just recently take the Elevation Awards Hip-Hop Artist Of The Year award by fluke y’all – TonAsh EARNED it, 100%…dude’s got mad skills on the mic and a signature style that’s creating a true audio identity you can hear, and that clearly people wanna vibe on.  Definitely ain’t his first rodeo yo, I assure ya – and it definitely won’t be his last…like I was saying already, believe me, not many artists out there could keep up with the pace he’s been bringing to this year & how active he’s been both in front of the mic & behind the scenes.  We saw him crush it on singles “How It Go” and the “I Yi (Remix)” earlier this year, he’s back already in top form with what’s probably my favorite cut from TonAsh so far with “Wanna Be Rich” – and I can guarantee ya, we’ll be hearing lots more from this artist in 2019 as he keeps out-hustling the rest on his way to the tops of charts & playlists out there.

You can cop yourself a copy of TonAsh’s new cut “Wanna Be Rich” in a clean or dirty version – you do your thang, no judgments here, just make sure to get at LEAST one version in ya homies.  Find the clean up top in the video – and find that good-good dirty version of “Wanna Be Rich” by TonAsh here at his Soundcloud page:


How It Go is a new jam from TonAsh, a hip hop artist whose hometown is listed as Nassau, Bahamas. There are definitely some Caribbeann vibes detectable in his delivery, which help to enhance the song. TonAsh maintains a swift vocal pacing throughout without missing a beat (true to the philosophy he articulates in the song, “Stoppin’s not an option. I don’t have no brakes.”) The word “go” is the essence of what this track is about: It’s always go time for the artist, whose ready to bust a move in all facets of life at all times. His mind is always racing and on the go. TonAsh understands that nobody cares about or remembers someone who doesn’t take risks. Whether you agree or not, unlike a lot of indie rappers, TonAsh actually has a decent flow and demonstrates some solid rapping ability.

Overall, this track is pretty pimp tight, and the video imagery juxtaposes well with the lyrical content. The frequently reappearing “car” motif serving as a metaphor for TonAsh’s “Go” ethos. Be sure and check out this guy’s social media for updates on his other projects. He has a lot of other musical projects out there in the works.

For more info:

Instagram: @KingTA242
FB: @TonAsh242
Twitter: @KingTonAsh
Soundcloud @

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TonAshHow It Go

Feb 26, 2019 - 

Multiple Elevation Awards nominee TonAsh aims creatively high with this fresh and memorable approach to hip hop. The soundscape is the first thing to grab you, for sure – that chaotically colourful wash of synths and riffs is as warm as it is unusual and striking. On top of this, the artist’s leading voice fuses melody and rap in a flawlessly rhythmic manner, creating a perfectly alternative rap anthem that pours through as smoothly as RnB.

The stylish and confident performance that drives this track – on top of the crisp and manically fresh beat – is one that shines all the more brightly when accompanied by the official video. TonAsh performs with a natural passion for the art-form, and you can see that as well as hear it in the professionalism on this release. How It Go seems fit to settle into the current hip hop landscape for certain qualities and the overall concept and rhythm, but at the same time you get a decent image of the artist as he starts to pave his own way.

The main thing you’ll take away from the track, after the haunting repeat of that backing riff, is the simple melody and delivery of that hook. The music falls away to present this moment, and TonAsh’s delivery makes certain that when the drop hits you’re swept away on the energy of the moment; and that it’s easy to get involved, to get on-board with these words and this chorus. It makes for a fitting hook, effective as audio but all the more likely to also draw a crowd’s interest at a live show.

TonAsh’s last hit Remix amassed thousands of plays online in just the last six months, and was as colourful and loaded with personality and flow as this new single. The sky’s the limit right now, and thanks to a fine fusion of creative flair and professionalism, TonAsh is likely to continue making waves within the scene.

Find & follow TonAsh on Twitter & Instagram.

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TonAsh – “How It Go” – Music Video Release/Review

Comin’ at ya from Nassau City in the Bahamas, modern-day Rap/R&B/Club-artist TonAsh brings the kind of style, swagger, and genuine finesse to the game that makes a difference.  Flexing star quality from the visuals onscreen in his new video & single “How It Go,” to the spectacular moves he makes on the microphone – there ain’t no doubt that TonAsh has the authentic gift for entertainment locked down from sight to sound.  We’ve got a couple of his vids for ya here at the page today – make sure to check out TonAsh’s other new joint called the “I Yi (Remix)” featuring Bodine Victoria and Chase Fernander by clicking here.

Taking his worldwide sound into the underground – parking lot that is – you’ll find TonAsh chillin’ out & tippin’ cups of JD & blowin smoke with a beautiful lady & a sweet ride parked in beside them in the video for “How It Go.”  Filled with clever, eye-catching edits & effects, the vid shot by Ifocus Visuals and produced by King Corn Beatzz when combined with the natural born entertainer that TonAsh clearly is…well homies, that’s just a recipe for straight up good times all-around, you feel me?  And make no mistake – TonAsh has got BARS yo!  Listen to this man when he’s rollin’ through the flow of his rhymes – the man has flawless precision and can shift speeds, transition, or break it all down with the best of’em.  Hooks make their mark…the entire vibe has uplifting energy to it.

Always thinkin’ bigger” – it’s plenty clear that TonAsh has got his eye on the prize and his head in the game.  Even the beat he’s working with on “How It Go” and how it flexes & bends like a melted melody sitting out in sun too long stands out for its innovative sound and the challenge it would have created to find the perfect rhymes to fit to it.  And yet here we are, TonAsh conquered this with confidence and material people can truly vibe on.  Sounds awesome for sure yo!  This versatile R&B/Rap combo is loaded with hooks to entertain ya – you know “How It Go” people – do the right thang and check this new video from TonAsh below!

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TonAsh – “I Yi (Remix)” Featuring Bodine Victoria & Chase Fernander – Music Video Release/Review

Back-to-back & all up in your screens & speakers – we went digging into some of the music that artist TonAsh put out last year as well to check out the 2018 single/video for the “I Yi (Remix)” featuring Bodine Victoria and Chase Fernander, in addition to turning up & tuning into his latest cut “How It Go,” which posted up right before this did.  You can find that at our pages by clicking here, and you should!

Produced by Nate Vibez and supported by a video created by Jiggy Productions, TonAsh’s “I Yi (Remix)” looks like a full-on cinematic experience onscreen.  Beautiful bodies left & right, stunning scenery in all aspects, powerful voices from every emcee on the mic, all brought to life vibrantly in the tribal-inspired video – everything you’ll see is as enticing to the eyes as the song is to the ears.  Gettin’ it done right for sure, you can see from the thousands of hits this song has already racked up since release that this single is being recognized for its uniqueness amongst the people out there – and it should be, this visually looks like it would have taken a lot of effort & planning to pull off, and the stellar end results verify that all that time was time very well spent.

Because as cool or as sexy as any outfit may be, or how awesome the surrounding setting might look like – without material & substance in the music and on the microphone, it’d all be for nothing right?  That’s where TonAsh shines even brighter here by taking this track even further, collaborating with & enlisting the A-list support from Bodine Victoria and Chase Fernander on the m-i-c.  Not only does “I Yi (Remix)” have its own alluring sound in the surface melody & low-end bass combo goin’ on in the music, but it’s also got three competent & talented forces on the microphone to push this track to the top of playlists.  Don’t get me wrong, the King still stays the King – TonAsh is as solid and reliable, stylistic and smooth as ever – but make no mistake dear readers, dear friends – the two Queens in this track ain’t givin’ up the throne any time soon either, know what I’m sayin?’  Bodine Victoria takes on the second verse and instantly switches up the energy to suit her own style & flow on the mic, making an instant impact on us with hot bars spit powerfully like the boss she IS – awesome verse from this emcee.  And somehow – it keeps on gettin’ hotter as “I Yi (Remix)” continues on, with Chase Fernander spittin’ fire & true attitude into her verse, revealing slick & sly lyricism that glides right into the mix & along with the vibe.  Undeniably a collaboration between them that’s got the magic & in full-effect, these three artists sound like they could take over the globe together on “I Yi (Remix)” – check it out for yourself below!

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Ton Ash and Dro Capone get the Money!

by 242WriterSEPTEMBER 19, 2018

Two of The Bahamas’ hip hop aficionados Ton Ash and Dro Capone team up to bring you the new club banger “Money”.

‘Money’ is definitely one of those tracks for the hustlers and the dreamers, and if you are not on your grind it will inspire you to get there.

The visual that was directed by DavisTheCamerGuy is a sexy ‘flick’ that has all the things you love in a hip hop music video; sex, lies, MONEY, and videotape. The film also features cameos from some of the local industries finest including Bahamian MMA fighter Giovanni.

This track definitely is all the motivation you need to ‘Get The Money’, Check it out below and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

TonAsh – Money ft Dro-Capone (Official Video)

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[MUSIC VIDEO] Ton Ash collabs on the “I Yi” Remix

by 242WriterJUNE 17, 2018

242 Island Hip Hop aficionado Ton Ash, brought together a ‘dream team’ of Bahamian artist on his latest music video release for the “I Yi” remix. The video that features Bodine (who returns to her roots and raps) and Chase Fernander has all the ‘Wakanda Feels’ you can ask for along with a bevy of beautiful 242 women (in true Ton Ash style). 

The catchy hook and head bopping track add to the flavor of this super styled video directed by Jiggy Productions. Ton Ash has definitely made a statement with this latest release and has the eLIFE 242 team excited for his future releases.

Check out the “I Yi” visuals below:

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[VIDEO]: TONASH wants to know your name.

by 242WriterMARCH 11, 2017

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine a Friday night, Nassau city is buzzing with activity but Bahamian hip hop artist TonAsh has his eye set on one amazing woman. This sets the scene for the latest video release by TonAsh, “Wanna Know Your Name”, where a dapper TonAsh dances his way to his leading lady played by former Miss Universe Bahamas Tomii Culmer all in a hope to get her name and number.

The Pier Lounge in the Elizabeth on Bay plaza provides the perfect upscale backdrop for the visual, a Pop meets Electronica and Hip Hop track that echos the feel good, ‘get-the-girl’records of the 80’s and 90’s. To his bring his vision to life TonAsh recruited director and editor, Cubes Pro who was successful in capturing the vibe the song exudes.

When asked about the team that helped to put the video together TonAsh said:

“Being able to work with and build the respective brands of the artist, models, clothing designers, visual artist and videographers is important for the Bahamian Fine Arts Community and adds value to the brands represented”.


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Tenacious TonAsh: Bahama Mama Video Release Party

by Tia L. ClarkeFEBRUARY 22, 2016

Pirate’s Republic downtown Nassau was the place to be this Saturday as rapper, TonAsh partied with supporters, performed for fans and released to us his much anticipated video “Bahama Mama.” Even with a full time job TonAsh’s tenacity is evident as he continues to make waves in the music industry.

He’s given us songs such as “Welcome To My City” and my personal favourite “G.O.A.T.”

Other artists such as Johnny Cake, Miz Breezy and King Kloud were in attendance to show their support and added to the hype vibe of the crowd.

The feel good rapper joked that to push through the music industry in The Bahamas, “you better have a full time job before you come up here freakin’ yourself out.”

The new video features models, beer, bikes and of course the beach!





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